Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Information:

Wiper Cowl Vibrations

When cruising on the highway, do you have buzzing sounds coming from near the driver's a-pillar?

Heater Box Buzzing

When cruising on the highway, does it sound like you've got a bee's nest hiding under the dashboard of your crown victoria?

Rusty Brake Rotor Pictures

Are you wondering what 10 years worth of northeastern road salt and ambient humidity do to a brake rotor?

Crown Victoria Rear Brake Caliper Confusion. Phenolic or Steel Pistons?

When ordering brake pads for the rear axle of your 1996-2002 crownvic, are you confused whether you have a phenolic rear caliper piston or metal rear caliper piston?

Hood Latch Striker Replacement

Do you have squeaking sounds coming from the hood latch area of your crownvic?

Firewall Water Leak Pictures

Notes about possible locations that water can leak through the firewall into the interior of a 1992-2002 crownvic.

Hood Latch Cable Replacement

Pictures of replacing the hood latch cable on a 1998 crownvic

Tire Bead Rim Flange Air Leaks

Do any of your tires mysteriously loose air pressure even though you can't find any nails embedded in them?

Cutting a Tire Off The Rim

Ever wondered how to remove a tire from the wheel with a sawzall or angle grinder?

1998 Master Cylinder Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of a disassembled brake master cylinder from a 1998 crown victoria police interceptor with traction control

2004 Master Cylinder Disassembly Pictures (with traction control)

Pictures of a disassembled brake master cylinder from a wrecked 2004 mercury marauder 300b with traction control

2004 Master Cylinder Disassembly Pictures (without traction control)

Pictures of a disassembled brake master cylinder from a wrecked 2004 crown victoria police interceptor without traction control

Police Interceptor Alternator Upgrade

Documents the process of installing a high output 200amp alternator from a 2009 crown victoria police cruiser into an earlier vehicle. Also contains information about howto get a pcm controlled alternator working without a pcm present to control it.

A/C System Tuneup

A discussion about adding r134a refrigerant and replacing the springlock o-rings, a/c compressor, and accumulator reciever/drier in a 1998 ford crown victoria police cruiser

A/C System Tuneup - Part 2

A discussion about replacing the accumulator, orifice tube, and springlock o-rings in a 2000 ford crown victoria

R134a Refrigerant Refill Pictures

Pictures of adding r134a refrigerant to a 2000 crown victoria

A/C Condensor O-Ring Seal Replacement

Information about the o-ring seals in between the refrigerant lines and the condensor

Blower Motor Resistor and Pigtail Replacement

Does the air conditioning and heater blower motor in your crownvic only work good on the "high speed setting"?

Visteon FS10 Air Conditioner Compressor Disassembly Photos

Pictures of the internal parts of an a/c compressor from a ford crown victoria

Lugnut Part Numbers

A listing of different wheel retainer nuts that have been used in the crownvic

Alternator Wiring Diagrams

A collection of charging system wiring schematics and connector pinouts

Crown Victoria Alternator Model Numbers

A list of year to year changes in crown victoria alternator assemblies

Civilian Alternator Upgrade

Information about installing a 6g police interceptor alternator into a civilian crown vic that originally had a 4g alternator

1997 Alternator Replacement

Documents the process of installing an 2003 econoline van 3G alternator into a 1997 crown victoria

1989 Crown Victoria Undercarriage Pictures

Do you need pictures of crownvic undercar parts for troubleshooting assistance on an internet discussion forum?

2008 Crown Victoria Undercarriage Pictures

Do you need pictures of crownvic undercar parts for troubleshooting assistance on an internet discussion forum?

1998 Crown Victoria Undercarriage Pictures

Do you need pictures of crownvic undercar parts for troubleshooting assistance on an internet discussion forum?

Intake Manifold Replacement Pictures

Rough draft of an article about replacing the intake manifold on a 1998 police cruiser

2005 Rear Parking Brake Shoe Pictures

Did you know that you have a minature drum brake system inside the hat of the rear brake rotors on your crownvic?

2000 Rear Parking Brake Shoe Pictures

Did you know that you have a minature drum brake system inside the hat of the rear brake rotors on your crownvic?

1997 Rear Parking Brake Shoe Pictures

Did you know that you have a minature drum brake system inside the hat of the rear brake rotors on your crownvic?

Cruise Control Servo Installation Pictures

Pictures of installing a speed control servo and actuator cable in a 1997 crown victoria

MLPS Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of a disassembled Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS)

Transmission Cooler Pictures

Pictures of the factory transmission cooler installed in all 1998-2002 crownvics

UHaul Corporation 4R70W Transmission Oil Pan Pictures

Some pictures of the sought after 4R70W transmission oil pan with the drain plug system installed

Electric Radiator Fan Replacement

Is your crownvic's engine overheating due to an inoperative radiator fan? Does the air conditioner work poorly at idle due to insufficent air moving across condensor?

Foggy Headlamp Assembly Repair

Pictures of repairing foggy headlight assemblies on a 1998 crownvic

Front Brake Pad Replacement Pictures

Pictures of crown victoria brake pads, rotors, wheel hubs, and caliper brackets

1992 7-groove Front Engine Accessory Drive Pictures

Pictures of unique 7-groove engine accessory pulleys that were used during the first few months of the 1992 model year until the 6-groove setup was introduced

Autozone Coil Spring Compressor Pictures

Pictures of the coil spring compressor that can be rented from the autozone retail automotive parts stores

Camber and Caster Frontend Alignment Adjustments

Pictures of the camber and caster adjustment system used in 1995-2002 crown vics

Lower Balljoint Installation Pictures

Pictures of using a balljoint press to install a new lower balljoint into the lower control arm of a 1997 crown victoria

Rear Shock Absorber Replacement
Some notes on how to remove the rear shock absorbers from a crown vic when the fasteners are corroded

Front Shock Absorber Replacement

Some notes on how the front shock absorbers are mounted in a crownvic

Accumulator Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of suction side accumulators from the air conditioning systems of a 1998 crown victoria and a 2000 crown victoria.

Airbag Crash Sensor Wiring Harness Repair

Repairing chaffed wiring in the body harness of a 1997 crown victoria police interceptor

Brake Caliper Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of disassembled brake calipers from a 1998 crownvic police cruiser

Brake Caliper Replacement

Information about replacing brake calipers and brake flex hoses on a 1998 crown victoria

Air Intake Plenum Pictures

Shows the location of various air plenum related components included EGR valve, TPS sensor, IAC, throttle body, and DPFE sensor tubes.

Exhaust Hanger Replacement

Information on replacing the rubber muffler hangers on a 1998 crown victoria

FEAD Belt Toss Pictures

Pictures of a fead belt that worked loose during high rpm acceleration

2003 Ford Taurus Steering Column Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of a 2003 ford taurus steering column in various stages of disassembly

2001 Lincoln Town Car Steering Column Pictures

Pictures of a steering column from a 2001 lincoln towncar

2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Steering Column Pictures

Pictures of a steering column removed from a 2004 mercury grand marquis

Fuel Pump Pictures

Pictures of a fuel sender assembly from a 2000 crown victoria

Steering Box Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of the internal parts of a 1980's vintage crown victoria steering gear

Pitman Arm Replacement Pictures

Pictures of crown victoria steering system pitman arms

Idler Arm Replacement Pictures

Pictures of crown victoria steering system idler arms

Box Body Crown Victoria Engine Bay Pictures

Pictures of a 1989 vintage crown victoria station wagon.

Driveshaft Pictures

Pictures of the aluminum driveshaft used in police cruisers.

Fan Clutch Wrench Pictures - Autozone Tool Rental

Pictures of the wrench sets that are needed to service the waterpump and mechanical radiator fan clutch on 1992-1997 crownvics.

Heater Core and Blend Door Pictures

Pictures of a crown victoria heater core and the blend door inside the heaterbox plenum assembly

Radiator Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of a 1997 crown victoria radiator cut open with a sawzall

Drivers Door Hinge Replacement Pictures

Pictures of installing & removing the hinges which retain the door to the body of a crownvic

4R70W and 4R100 mechanical diode pictures

Pictures of mechanical diodes and clutch drums from ford transmissions that have been cut apart

Panther Platform Suspension Tidbits

Some information on the front suspension and steering systems used in 1979-2002 ford crown victorias, mercury grand marquises and lincoln town cars.

Mix N' Match Crown Vics:

Ever wonder what a 1995 crownvic station wagon would look like? or how about a 1992 crown vic with a 1998+ front clip on it? or might you be in need of a coffee table for your living room?

RH Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Replacing the valve cover gasket on the passenger side of a crown victoria

LH Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Replacing the valve cover gasket on the driver side of a crown victoria

Valve Cover Part Numbers

Part numbers and some comments about the various cylinder head valve covers used on the crown vic

A/C Evaporator Core Housing Pictures

Photos of a crown victoria evaporator core housing

A/C Evaporator Housing Condensate Drain System Pictures

Pictures of the drain system for the condensed water that the evaporator produces

Steering Column Disassembly Pictures

Pictures of a crown victoria steering column in various stages of disassembly

Dashboard Pictures

Pictures of the back of a mercury grand marquis instrument panel

Early Model PMGR Starter Solenoid Spade Terminal Information

Information about the troublesome spade connector setup used in the 1990-1995 crown vic permament magnet gear reduction starter motors.

Crown Victoria Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) Belt Routing

Diagrams of the accessory drive belt routing schemes used in the crownvic

Crown Victoria Ignition System Firing Order

Are you trying to troubleshoot a misfire code on your crown vic and are wondering how the cylinders are numbered?

Starter Motor Disassembly Pictures

Ever wondered what was inside the starter motor in your crownvic?

Starter Motor Replacement Pictorial

Information about removing the troublesome top starter bolt on 4.6L ford modular engines

Starter Motor Battery Cable Harness Pictures

Pictures of the wiring harness that connects the battery to the starter motor

Flexplates and Block Plates

A list of transmission flywheels and intermediate alignment plates

Motor Mount Pictures

Information about the engine mounts and transmission mount in the crownvic

Power Steering Pump Internal Parts

Some pictures of the internal parts of a 1998 crown victoria power steering pump

Power Steering Pump Replacement

Rough draft of notes about replacing the power steering pump

Steering Column Linkage Part Pictures
Steering Column Linkage Part Numbers

Some information on the steering linkage that connects the steering wheel to the steering gear

Oil Cooler System Notes

Some information about the oil cooler system used in police interceptors

Transmission Accumulator Parts

A list of transmission accumulator springs, pistons and other related parts.

Transmission Model Numbers

A list of different transmission assemblies used in the crown victoria and some comments about them

Steering Gear Box Selection
Steering Column Linkage Parts
Power Steering Pumps
Power Steering Hoses

Some notes about various steering components used in the crown vic.

Transmission Bulkhead Connector Information
Contains information on adapting the bulkhead connector of 1998 and later transmissions to work in earlier vehicles.

Front Stabilizer Bar Information
Rear Stabilizer Bar Information

Interested in reducing body roll in your ride by installing larger sway bars?

Torque Converter Pictures

Contains pictures of the internal parts of a transmission torque converter. A wide variety of other ford vehicles with the 4R70W and AODE transmissions use very similar units.

Transmission Diagrams

Contains labelled pictures of a 4R70W transmission case depicting various components including the vss and mlps sensors.

Floor Covering Part Numbers

Does your carpeting have holes cut or drilled in it from previously installed equipment?

Aftermarket radio installation

Article has radio related wiring color codes, electrical connector pinouts, and other useful information for anyone considering upgrading the stereo in a 1995 or later crown victoria. Note: This article does not deal with ford "premium sound" setups.

Aftermarket DEI530T window module

Many cars now on the market have an auto-down feature on the drivers window. Quickly tap the window button once and release and the window will roll fully down. Article explains in detail howto install an aftermarket window module that will give the front driver and passenger side windows auto-down and auto-up.

Lighted Door Switch Modification

Did you know that the power door lock and window switches in 1995 and later crownvic police interceptors have LEDs inside them to light the white portion of the switch at night to make it easier to see?

Alarm with remote start and keyless entry

Tired of stepping into a steaming hot car in the summer and a freezing cold one in the winter? Want to add the security of a alarm or the convience of a keyless entry system to your crown vic?

Remote Start Blend Door Modification

Being able to start your crown vic's engine by remote control during the cold winter months and hot summer months is convienent. But do you sometimes forget to turn the temperature knob to the full hot or full cold position prior to exiting the car?

Rear Door Rod Installation

Many police interceptors were ordered from the ford with the interior door handle and lock buttons inoperative, since it is undesirable for prisoners to be able to escape from the rear seat. Initially, many people fiddle with the "child safety switch". But after removing the interior door panel, it becomes apparent that the rods that connect the handle to the latch just aren't there. A kit containing the rods and rivets is shipped from factory in a plastic bag in the trunk, but this kit is often lost before being given to the new owner.

Delayed Accessory Modification

Do you want to listen to the radio and adjust the power windows after you remove the keys from the ignition?

Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) Retrofit

Documents the process of converting a crown victoria with the old school manual knob climate control system into one that automatically adjusts the blower speed and vent discharge temperature to maintain the interior cabin temperature at the desired setting. This option is strangely addictive in the sense that it's likely something you think that you don't need. But once you have owned a vehicle with the automatic temperature control, you'll want your next vehicle to have the feature too. This article also contains wiring diagrams, pictures of parts, and operation theory that would be useful to someone with a malfunctioning air conditioning or heating system in their ford vehicle.

Power Adjustable Pedal Retrofit

Would you like to be able to move the brake and accelerator pedals a few inches closer to the drivers seat?

P71 Suspension Spring Selection Guide

Is your police interceptor riding too low in the rear? Want to get rid of the soft floaty feel to your civilian vics suspension and install some firm sporty springs instead? Tired of troubleshooting the air suspension system in your civilian crownvic?

Factory cruise control

All civilian crown vics had cruise control as a standard feature in 1998. On 98' crown vic police interceptor and taxi packages, cruise control was optional. Article is relevant to anyone with a mid-1992 or later crown victoria. 1992 was the transition year, early 1992 crown vics with the AOD transmission still had the vacuum based cruise servo setup that was in use on crown vics since the mid 1980's. Mid-1992 crown vics that had the electronic AODE transmission also got the new electronic based cruise servo setup.

Ford IDS Scantool Screenshots

Are you wondering how to enable domelights in your 2006+ crown vic? or how to enable speed control in the powertrain control module of your drive-by-wire electronic throttle control 2005+ crown victoria?

GenII taurus SHO console

Bucket seats were standard in police cruisers, split bench was an extra cost option in the police package. Police departments need the large open area between the two front seats to mount radios and other equipment. Driving around without anything to rest my right arm on felt awkward, so i grabbed a center console out of a GenII ford taurus SHO. SHO console has a very integrated look with the crown vic interior, and is a good choice if you don't want console made for mounting police radios.

AutoLamp Retrofit

Civilian crown vics have a feature called autolamps that automatically turns on the headlamps when it gets dark. Also included is a feature called delayed exit that leaves the headlamps on for a short adjustable period after turning the engine off. Recent police crown vics do not have this feature, but it can be added. Automatic headlamps are strangely addictive in the sense that one typically does not think that they'll use the feature much at all. But once you've owned a car with autolamps, you don't want another car without the feature.

Gentex autodimming rearview mirror with compass and thermometer

Is a nice feature not to be blinded by bright headlight glare while driving at night. Compass is useful for making decisions of which roads to take when driving in unfamilar areas. Note: electrochromic mirrors appear to be incompatible with aftermarket window tinting.

Lighting Control Module

Majority of the interior and exterior lighting on 1995 and later crown vics is computer controlled. This article has some pictures of the internal circuitry that controls the lighting and some other useful information.

"Dark Car" Mode

Have you just bought a police interceptor from auction and want the interior lights to turn on when you open the door?

Fast Flash Rate Turn Signal Issue

Are the turn signals on your 1998-2000 crown victoria sporadically flashing too fast?

Waterpump and idler pulley replacement

Waterpump replacement is a very easy job on 1992 and later crown vics, should take less than two hours even for the backyard mechanic.

Heated Seat Retrofit

Just like the name implies, this article contains information about adding heating elements to the drivers seat of a 1998 police interceptor. Installation is entirely concealed and is not visible to the vehicle operator except for the addition of the control switch. This article also contains pictures of the drivers seat in various stages of disassembly and would potentially be useful to someone interested in repairing damage to their police interceptor's seat such as tears in the upholstery and worn padding.

Windshield Wiper Activated Headlamps

Would you like the headlights on your crown vic to automatically illuminate when the windshield wipers are turned on?

Door Latch Article

One day I was looking for an excuse to play with some new digital imaging equipment and decided to take some pictures of the drivers front door latch and ajar switch.

Repairs/Modification Page

Lists various repairs and modifications to my 1998 ford crown victoria police interceptor. Of note this document also covers some unique issues that one will likely encounter if purchasing a pre-owned law enforcement vehicle.

Optional Equipment Retrofit

A rough draft of an document that lists various factory options avaliable in crown vics and how to add them.

Electrical Pigtail Harnesses

A list of electrical connectors with short lead of wire attached used for repairing damage to such circuits as the fuel pump, heater, turn signals, radio, etc.

Electrical Pigtail Harnesses Part II

Another list of electrical connectors with short lead of wire attached used for repairing damage to such circuits as the fuel pump, heater, turn signals, radio, etc.

Heated Mirror Retrofit

Documents the process of installing heated sideview door mirrors onto a 98' police cruiser.

Exhaust System Notes

Contains part numbers, pricing info and other notes about police interceptor exhaust systems.

2003 Front Seat Headrests

A list of 2003 crown victoria, grand marquis, mercury marauder and lincoln town car headrests.

Owners Manual Excerpts:

2000-2002 BeltMinder System
2003-2004 BeltMinder System
1998-2004 Securilock Passive Anti-Theft System (P.A.T.S.)

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

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