The autozone retail automotive parts stores in the united states have a free tool rental program for do-it-yourself car repair projects. Below are some pictures of the two tool sets required to remove the mechanical fan clutch from the water pump in 1992-1997 crownvics. You do not need these tools if you own a 1998 or later crownvic as these cars use an electric cooling fan as their sole means of moving air across the radiator and a/c condensor.

Here is the first tool rental kit to acquire: OEM #27141

This is what the kit looks like when you open the case

And this is what it looks like with the tools removed from the blow-mold case

The small square holes in the fan clutch wrenches are to place a long breaker bar into for extra leverage.

For your crownvic, you want the 54mm wrench from this kit.

Here is the second tool rental kit to acquire: OEM #27018

These are the tools inside this kit's cardboard box. For your crown vic, you want the 36mm fan clutch wrench from this kit.

And here are the two tools from the two tool kits that you need to change out the fan clutch or waterpump on your 92-97 ford crown victoria.