Below are some pictures of an air intake plenum assembly and some supporting components from a 2000 ford crown victoria

The idle air control valve (IAC)

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve

The throttle body and the throttle position sensor (TPS)

The location on the plenum where the IAC valve mounts.

The location where the EGR would mount

The location where the throttle body would mount

This is where the plenum would normally connect to the intake manifold

Here's the throttle body.

And the bolts which hold the throttle body to the intake plenum

A closeup of the throttle position sensor. From the factory, the TPS screws have thread locker on them.

Take note of the EGR, TPS, and throttle body gaskets

Here's the EGR valve with the metal tube that runs to the exhaust manifold connected. Note the flexible DPFE sensor hoses.

When new, the metal tube twists off the egr valve with minimal effort. But on that 100k+ mile car, you'll likely have to use an acetylene torch to heat the connection first before using a wrench.

Here's the connection of the egr tube to the exhaust manifold. This connection often requires lots of effort to seperate on the 100k+ mile cars.

This is the area of the exhaust manifold that the catalytic converter flange would normally connect to.

Normally, there would be a stud screwed in to hold the catalytic converter to the exhaust manifold.

Here's the side of the exhaust manifold which would normally be connected flush against the cylinder head exhaust ports.

And a closeup of the casting numbers

Here's the pcv valve and the line which connects it to the air intake plenum