Below are some pictures from the manual->electronic automatic climate control (EATC) conversion project.

One of the involved portions of the eatcswap project was to replace the blend door actuator. And while the dashboard is out, the heater core is going to be replaced as a precaution against future failures.

It's not required to pull out the passenger's side airbag or glovebox, but pulling them will give you some extra places to grip the dashboard while it's being handled.

Also, if you have the stock oem radio in your car, you can leave it in the dashboard. If you've got an aftermarket radio setup with extra wiring that you added, you'll probably need to pull out the radio though.

Here's the heater plenum box after pulling the dashboard forward from the firewall

Here's the heater plenum box after removing the firewall fastenerrs. Visible are the top of the heater core and the blend door actuator.

You can just pull the dashboard back some from the firewall if you'd like. However, it's not much more effort to completly remove the whole dashboard from the car at this stage.

The eatc blower motor speed controller is visible here

Here's a new F8AZ-18471-BA service heater plenum assembly. This part was not needed for the conversion, but was useful for component testing purposes with the eatc conversion project.

Here's the blend door in full heat position

Here's the blend door midway in between full heat and full cool positions

And here's the blend door in the full cool position

Here's the top of the heater plenum. Normally, the heater core would be wrapped in foam insulation and covered by a plastic cover.

Here's the bottom of the heater plenum assembly. You can see this portion of the plenum in your police interceptor without any component disassembly if you look under the dashboard.

The bottom door on this plenum normally attaches to additional duct work which blows air at the drivers feet and on 1995 crownvics, distributes air to the rear passenger footwell area

Here's one of the studs/nuts which retain the heater plenum to the firewall. One side of this fastener attaches to the heater plenum box behind the dashboard, the other side to the a/c evaporator housing in the engine compartment.

Note: Blend door lever in position 1

Note: Blend door lever in position 2

Here's the top of the plenum. The door on the left in the picture feeds air to the defroster vents on the top of the dashboard.

The rectangular hole on the right is where the heater core would normally be located

Here's one of the casting numbers on the plenum assembly.

Take note of the grey thermal insulation that is wrapped around the heater core, you will need to transfer this insulation onto your new heater core.

This is the cover which holds the heater core in the heater plenum assembly

In this picture, additional parts have been added:
-4 fasteners which hold blend door actuator to plenum (note 2000+ crownvics only use 3 fasteners)
-5 fasteners which hold the heater core cover to the plenum
-3 nuts which hold the heater plenum assembly to the firewall

Here's the new eatc blend door actuator to be installed

Here's the old heater core with the old heater core hoses still attached to it.

There are a few variants of heater cores used in the crown victoria over the years

Ford Part Number
1983 1989

7 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 2"
Inlet: 3/4"
Outlet: 3/4"
During 1989 both aluminum & copper brass cores were used. Must inspect vehicle.
E9AZ-18476-A Aluminum
7 3/4" x 6" x 2"
Inlet: 3/4"
Outlet: 3/4"

8 1/4" x 7 3/8" x 2"
Inlet: 3/4"
Outlet: 3/4"

D9AZ-18658-A 80-89 Heater Core Assembly Seal Copper
E9AZ-18658-A 89-00 Heater Core Assembly Seal Aluminum

F2VY-18658-A 92-   Aluminum Upper Core
F3VY-18658-A 92-97 Lower Core
F7VZ-18658-AA 98-00 Lower Core
YW3Z-18658-AA 01-   Lower Core   YW3H-18N317-AA