Below are some pictures of a dashboard from a 1995 mercury grand marquis ls.

Starting in 1995, ford crown victorias and mercury grand marquises used the same dashboard. In the 1992-1994 vehicles, the grand marquis had a different dashboard than the crown victoria did.

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The project car is a 1995 mercury grand marquis loaded with most of the optional equipment avaliable that model year including:
-digital speedometer cluster
-electronic automatic temperature control (EATC)
-ford premium sound radio
-handling and performance package (HPP)
-dual 8-way power leather seats

The back of the dashboard removed from the car.

On the right you can see the top of the steering wheel. On the left is the glovebox.

The white hose connects to the eatc interior temperature sensor

Here's a closeup of the aftermarket code-alarm alarm module that the car had installed. This unit operated with the factory keyless entry remotes.

Much of the wiring shown here would normally be located inside the engine bay. The big rubber grommets sit in holes cut in the firewall and insulate the passenger compartment from engine vapors.

And here's the diagram that your local ford dealership would see if you were attempting to order parts for your crownvic's dashboard

Here's a closeup of the ductwork which directs air from the heater plenum box to the defroster vents.

Also visible is the back of the lighting control module (LCM)

Here's the dashboard flipped over to show the bottom of the steering column area

And here's the glovebox area. Also visible is the bottom of the defroster ductwork and the radio premium sound system wiring.

Here's the fusebox for the car. Note that the upper right of the fuseblock still has the cutout in it for the turn signal flasher even though the actual flasher in this car is inside the lighting control module.

Here's a closeup of the ignition switch. Take note of the splices that were placed into the harness for the car alarm starter kill circuit and to obtain power for the alarm control circuit board.

Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis dashboards have not changed much over the last 15 years. And the 2010 crown victoria still has essentially the same dashboard shell as the 1995 grand marquis pictured above except for some minor modifications.

Here's the dashboard laying upside down.

The dashboard in this vehicle was removed to replace a nonfunctional eatc blend door actuator. While the dashboard was out, a new heater core was installed as a precaution even though the old one wasn't leaking at the time.

Here's the passenger's side of the car. The heater plenum was pulled off of the firewall, but the recirc box was left installed.

It should be noted that the blue airbag module shown in this 1995 grand marquis, was relocated starting in the 1998 model year. And again relocated in 2001.

Here's the drivers side of the car. For this project the metal transmission shifter cable bracket was disconnected from the back of the steering column, that way a new cable grommet didn't need to be installed.

Here's a closeup of the door actuators and the mode doors themselves.

The really big door on the right feeds the dashboard a/c vents.

The slightly smaller one on the left feeds the defroster vents

And the really tiny one blows out the small demister vents on the top of the dashboard

Here's he back of the heater box showing the blend door and the heater core tubes.

One of the heater core tubes was bent when removing the hoses, but this doesn't matter as a new heater core is being installed anyways.

1995 was the last year of the standalone EDIS ignition system module. Starting in 1996, the module was integrated into the PCM (powertrain control module)

1995 was also the last year for this particular orientation of the cruise control module

Here's the heater box placed back onto the firewall. Some cuts were made to the rear defroster ductwork rather than pulling out the seats and carpeting. Note that 1992-1994 crownvics do not have the back passenger "frog legs" air distribution system to remove. And that 2001+ crownvics will have a different connection setup here to accommodate the airbag restraints control module which is mounted towards the front of the transmission tunnel.

Here's the emergency brake pedal

Here you can see the blend door actuator and also the rear air suspension/variable assist power steering control module. Note that police interceptors use conventional coil springs in the rear, and use different electrical connectors for this module.

A lot of the dashboard electrical connectors need to be seperated under the hood prior to removing the dash

You'll want to pull the windshield wiper cowl to be able to remove the wiper motor electrical connector.

And to access some of the connectors, you need to jack up the front passengers side of the car, remove the tire, and pull the fender liner back some.

You do not have to remove the fender liner completely like shown in the pictures below though.

(picture courtesy of Steve83 on

(picture courtesy of Steve83 on

Here's the car with the new heater core installed and ready to slide the heater core hoses on.

This is the front passenger antilock brake sensor wiring. Note how the insulation is flaking off.

The cracked insulation is somewhat unusual, and typically one finds some chaffing on the protective looming where the wiring passes between the metal frame and the plastic fender liner.


Although not required for either heater core or blend door actuator replacement, here are some pictures of a 1992 mercury grand marquis with the recirc door system removed from the car.

The white squirel cage is the back of the blower motor wheel
(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

The empty circular hole on the left is for the eatc hose for the interior temperature sensor.

The large hole on the right that is circular with a square shape in the upper corner is for the recirc door fresh air intake port on the recirc box setup to pass through
(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

Some extra sealant was added to various grommets to help prevent water leaks.
(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

Here is the otherside of the firewall of a 1998 crown victoria with the evaporator housing removed.

The front of the evaporator housing itself

And the back of the evaporator housing. Take note that the evaporator housing is laying upside down compared to what it would be when actually mounted in a car.

Also note that there have been some hard to track-down water leaks reported inside crown victorias caused by failure of the F0VY-19C593-A seal in between the back of this housing and the firewall. But in this particular case, the foam is still flexible and it seals good too.

Here is the recirc door setup from a 1992 mercury grand marquis.

(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

(picture courtesy of Bluemobile on

The crown victoria is designed differently than many other vehicles. The evaporator housing is under the hood. The heater plenum and recirc door box are behind the firewall underneath the dashboard.

CELO (Cold Engine Lock Out) sensor only installed in 1993-1994 crownvics with ATC

Thermal Blower Lockout (TBL) sensor used in 1992 crownvics with ATC was located on one of the heater core hoses under the hood

A heater core from a 1998 crown victoria with the rubber hoses attached. You will want new heater core hoses if you're installing a new heater core.

And here are a few pictures of a 1995 lincoln towncar with the dashboard removed. Although the town car dashboard varied some cosmetically from the crownvic/grandmarquis dashboard, the firewall & heater plenum box were the same in these cars up until the redesign in the 1998 model year.

The black colored relay above the rear air suspension/steering evo control box is the RAP (Retained Accessory Power) relay to allow the passenger's of the car to listen to the radio and move the power windows until a door is opened.

An excerpt from the 2002 crown victoria factory service manual about removing the dashboard from the car is avaliable by clicking here.

The steps involved in removing the dashboard from dashboard from a 1995-2002 crownvic/grandmarquis are basically the same between model years except the support dashboard support bracket in the 1995-1997 vehicles is located on the bracket which supports the glovebox frame, and the support bracket on the 1998-2002 vehicles is located on the drivers side of the transmission transmission tunnel. The earlier 1992-1994 vehicles are similar, but use a slightly different dashboard shell. And the 2003+ vehicles use the same dashboard shell as the 1995-2002 vehicles, but the wiring harness connectors have been redesigned and are in different locations.