For todays project, the accumulator is going to be replaced on a 2000 crown victoria because the service port is badly corroded and there is heavy scaly rust all around the accumulator. While everything is apart, new springlock o-rings and a new orifice tube are also going to be installed.

The accumulator is almost always wet whenever the air conditioner is running. Throw some chloride road salt in the mixture and this is the result.

So it's parts acquisition time.

A new accumulator

This package came with a bag of o-rings taped to the top of the accumulator

Next part up is a Rapid Seal 26715 kit from Four Seasons

This kit contained replacement o-ring seals for all of the components except the peanut block fittings on the condenser

Next is a new orange orifice tube

Now that the new parts have been acquired, it's time to remove the old accumulator

And remove all of the hoses so that new o-rings can be installed on the springlock connections

The suction hose that connects the accumulator to the compressor manifold

The discharge hose assembly that connects the compressor to the condenser

The lower liquid line that connects the condenser to the lower evaporator tube

The old orifice tube

The retaining clips which limit movement of the springlock junction when installed on the car

The condenser hose connection points

Now lets reassemble everything and vaccum the system down

Now it's time to add some refrigerant to the system.