Below are some frequently asked questions about the website.

What specifications does my computer require to access this website?

For the most part this website is constructed of simple html code with jpeg, png, and gif images embedded. Older webpages generally have minimal graphics and will load acceptably on older hardware like a 1 GHz pentium 3 desktop computer. As the webpages get newer, more pictures tend to be embedded in the webpages which will require greater system resources to load at an acceptable speed. For newer webpages, a recent desktop computer with a high performance offboard video card is recommended. You do not need a top of the line gaming system video card, but you do need a video card that will allow you to scroll through a couple hundred 500x375 pixel images on a webpage without hesitation.

It should also be noted that you need adequate system ram in order to have the webpages from this site load at an acceptable rate. 512 megabytes of system ram is the bare minimum to run the windows xp operating system these days without swapping large amounts of system memory to your harddrive. But at least 1024 megabytes of system ram is recommended.

What type of internet connection is recommended to access this website?

A highspeed hardwired broadband internet connection is recommended. Loading many of the multimedia rich webpages over a dialup 56k modem would be painfully slow.

Is your website compatible with my mobile phone?

No. This website is intended to be viewed by a desktop computer. But this website does not check web browser specifications in any way. So you can attempt to access this website from your cellular phone and the webserver will happily serve you webpages. But do note that pages embedded with lots of pictures could crash your phone or deplete the battery really quickly.

Can parts for my Ford Crown Victoria be ordered from your website?

No. This is not an electronic commerce site. However, many ford part numbers are provided so that you can order parts from your local ford dealership.

How current is the pricing information that I see on the webpages?

The pricing information on the webpages was current when the webpages were first published. But many of the pages on this website are a few years old and much of the pricing information is badly outdated. Pricing at your local ford dealership is updated monthly by contrast. So inquire at your local ford dealer for current pricing information before ordering any parts.

How long as this website been online?

The domain name was registered back in 2002. Before that, this website was hosted as personal webpage without it's own domain name for a while. But it did not take very long to outgrow the personal webspace in terms of monthly bandwidth and disk space.