Power Window Retrofit - Documents the process of converting a car with manual crank windows into a car with power windows. Contains wiring diagrams, pictures of the regulators, motors, tools, and other information that would also be useful to someone troubleshooting malfunctioning electric windows.

Car Alarm & Remote Start Install Guide - Contains a table of wire color coding and location information relavent to alarm, remote start, and keyless entry installations.

Power Lock Retrofit - Documents the process of adding power locks to a thirdgen that does not currently have them. Contains pictures of the actuators, brackets, connecting linkage and wiring diagrams. Electric door locks by themselves usually don't get used too much. But to add the convience of remote keyless entry to a thirdgen, the car must first be equipped with power locks.

Dashlight Troubleshooting
- Article contains information on repairing 1985-1992 firebirds so that the speedometer and other instrument cluster guages are illuminated at night when the headlights are turned on.

Firebird Popup Headlight Diagrams
- Contains wiring diagrams of the two popup headlight systems used in thirdgen firebirds, the 82'-86' revision and the 87'-92' revision.