Below are some pictures of a 1989 ford crown victoria station wagon with the engine removed

Take note of the "2-bolt" starter mount on the transmission bellhousing

The black coffee can looking unit is the vacuum reservoir. Some people have attempted to replace their vacuum reservoir with an actual folger's coffee can, but found that it leaked and didn't hold a vacuum very well.

The accelerator cable & transmission tv cable linkage

The passenger's side engine mount

The old style direct-drive starter motor. PMGR starters were introduced part way into the 1990 model year.

1989 crown vics still used a rod style shifter linkage setup rather than the cable style linkage setup found in the 1990 crownvics.

The air conditioning compressor and hoses

The steering box pitman arm was redesigned starting in the 1995 model year.

And some pictures of 1989 crown victoria 5.0L 302 engines