Below are some pictures of a power steering pump from a 1998 ford crown victoria.

Similar power steering pumps are used in numerous other modular engine equipped ford vehicles, but the rate of the regulator spring will vary depending on vehicle application.

Here's the drive vanes expanded. In the previous picture they were fully retracted. When the pump is actually installed in a car, the vanes will move outward as engine rpm increases due to centrifugal force. After all, this pump is classed as a positive displacement rotary vane pump.

The evo valve on this pump was worn, which resulted in easier steering effort than when the vehicle was new and rolled off the dealer's showroom floor.

The front shaft bearing in this case is a copper thrust bearing.

At the time of the pictures were taken, this pump was in service for about 5 years and had about 100,000 miles on it. It was removed from the vehicle due to a squeaking noise that it was making. The power steering fluid was clean with no noticeable debris visible to the naked eye. Nor could any grit be felt by rubbing two fingers together coated in power steering fluid from the system. However, you might spot some metallic debris in the pictures due to the angle grinder that was used to open the housing.