I replaced the hood latch striker on my 1998 crownvic recently

The part number you want to order for the 1998+ crownvics & grand marquises is 6W1Z-16K689-A

This part is used on production 2006+ crownvics and is backwards compatible all the way to the 1998 model year

Here's the old hood latch striker attached to my 1998 crownvic's hood

The hood after removing the three 8mm head bolts and striker assembly

The bolts

The new striker is on the left, the old one on the right.

The new hood latch striker installed on my 1998 crownvic's hood

A couple closeup pictures of the wear on the old hood latch striker

Overall, i'm really happy with this $20 repair. The hood doesn't vibrate up & down on the highway anymore. The hood pops up more quickly and with more force when i pull on the release cable. And the hood latch squeaking sounds should be gone for years to come.

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