Below are some pictures of the fuel sender assembly from a 2000 ford crown victoria police interceptor.

If you order an aftermarket replacement fuel pump for your crown vic, all you will get will be the actual pump. Not the complete unit shown.

Sometimes, on older crownvics with some mileage on the odometer, the wiring which connects the electrical connector on the top of the sender assembly to the fuel pump below chaffes against the grounded metal casting of the fuel sender assembly. This can cause an inoperative vehicle, blown fuses, and a problem that could take a service technician some time to track down.

Starting in 2003, crown victorias went to a returnless fuel system. And fuel senders for the 2003+ crownvics will only have one hose connection rather than the 2 hose connections like on earlier models.

Starting in the 1995 model year, crownvic fuel sender assemblies were retained to the fuel tank utilizing a few bolts. In the pre-1995 vehicles, the fuel sender assembly was retained to the fuel tank using a lock-ring.

Also beginning in the 1995 model year, the fuel sender assembly became constructed of high grade stainless steel to help prevent corrosion. The pre-1995 vehicles were constructed of regular low carbon steel and corrossion can create fuel leaks on the older crownvics particulary if the car lives in the "rust belt" where large quantities of chloride salts are used on the roads during the winter to clear snow/ice.

Some crown victoria owners with access to salvage crownvic parts cars have found that they can use later fuel tank setups in their cars if they also swap in the later fuel tank, fuel sender assembly, fuel filler neck, and modify their electrical harness with the appropriate connectors. A few changes to note:
-1992-1997 crown vics have the fuel lines located on the driver's side of the car. 1998+ crown vics have the fuel lines located on the passenger's side of the car.
-1995+ fuel tanks retain the fuel sender assembly in the fuel tank utilizing a few bolts. earlier cars used a lock-ring setup instead.
-1997+ fuel tanks have extra sensors for the obd2 evaporative emissions system
-2001+ fuel tanks are designed to monitor obd2 0.020" evap leaks. the 97-00 tanks only monitor for leaks down to 0.040".
-2003+ fuel tanks are mated to a new hydroformed frame with a front aluminum crossmember
-2003+ fuel tanks have a returnless fuel sender assembly that has one fuel line instead of the two fuel lines found on earlier vehicles

 "Running out of gas" in your fuel injected crown vic adversly affects the life of the fuel pump because the fuel pump is cooled by the gasoline flowing through it. So don't be a "penny pincher" and attempt to "run your car on fumes"