The 1998-2002 ford crown victorias use a "peanut" block fitting for the two refrigerant lines which connect to the condensor. Most air conditioning refrigerant re-seal kits for these cars do not include the needed o-rings to reseal these connections.

Since I have a 2000 crownvic that needs a new condensor installed, I did some background research about the o-ring seals for the two condensor lines. The ford shop manual lists these fittings as needing W702645-S300 o-rings. The W702645-S300 part number has been superceded by 1W1Z-19E889-BA. And then, the 1W1Z-19E889-BA part number was replaced by 1W1Z-19E889-BB which is the current part number. In the aftermarket, the condensors for the 98'-02' cars are listed as using 1/2" condensor connections which is consistent with the information in this technical service bulletin.

Current Ford Service Part #
Current Motorcraft Service Part #
Old Superceded Ford Service Part #'s

Since I'm going to need new o-ring seals when the new condensor is installed, I ordered a package of 1W1Z-19E889-BB o-rings. The package of 6 o-rings currently retails for $13.80 which works out to $2.40 per o-ring. After the o-rings arrived, I used a digital caliper to take some measurements of the o-rings:

Inner Diameter (ID) 0.3865 inches
Axial Cross Section 0.0995 inches

If you'd like to order these aftermarket, here are the four seasons and napa part numbers for o-rings with similar dimensions:

Four Seasons 24628
NAPA TEM-407105
#8 GM Captive O-Ring
.362” x .103”
Four Seasons 24131
NAPA TEM-407053
#8 GM Metric Captive O-Ring
.363” x .095”

If you look through aftermarket parts catalogs for a new 2000 crownvic discharge hose, you'll find that this hose assembly usually includes one of the o-rings listed above. A crownvic is clearly not a General Motors (GM) vehicle, but the #8 gm captive o-rings will work in a ford crown victoria. O-rings are stetchable so a little smaller inner diameter is acceptable, but a little larger inner diameter can cause problems.

If you are looking for other a/c o-rings, a copy of the four seasons o-ring catalog is avaliable by clicking here.
Note, the two numbers associated with each o-ring in this catalog  are Inside Diamater (ID) and Radial Cross Section Diameter.

These are round o-rings so Axial Diameter = Radial Diameter.

The O-Rings are somewhat stretchable, so Inner Diameter (ID) readings might be inflated a little bit.

The Four Seasons 26715 Rapid Seal Kit contains the spring-lock and compressor manifold block o-rings that we need to reseal the system. But it doesn't contain have the two o-rings in it for the compressor block fittings.

The condensor with the discharge and lower liquid line removed

The discharge hose fitting

The lower liquid line fitting