Below is some information on front suspension parts used in 1979-2002 crown victorias, grand marquises and lincoln town cars.

Lower Control Arms
Lower Control Arm Fasteners
Lower Control Arm Bumpstops
Lower Control Arm Balljoints

1979 - 1994 Upper Control Arms
1995 - 2002 Upper Control Arms

1979 - 1991 Upper Ball Joints
1992 - 1994 Upper BallJoints
1995 - 2002 Upper Ball Joints
Moog Upper Balljoint Service Bulletin

Steering Knuckles
Front Wheel Bearings
Antilock Brake Sensors and Brake Dust Shields

Front Suspension Springs
Rear Suspension Springs

Front Stabilizer Bars
Rear Stabilizer Bars

Power Steering Gear Boxes
Power Steering Pumps
Power Steering Hoses

Center Links
Pitman Arms
1979-1994 Tie Rods
1995-2002 Tie Rods
Idler Arms
Idler Arm Frame Fasteners

Steering Linkage Part Pictures

Steering Column -> Gear Linkage Part Numbers
Steering Column -> Gear Linkage Part Pictures

Discussion: Installing a 1997-2002 steering gear into a 1979-1996 panther platform vehicle

Q & A: "Big Brake" Upgrade

Removing a Stuck Pitman Arm

Pictures: Field Service Action 00B60 Rear Frame Reinforcement

Pictures: Steering Column Disassembly
Pictures: Steering Column Midshaft Firewall Bearing

Pictures: OEM "Lubed-for-Life" Balljoint and Tierod Dissection

Case Study: Repairing the Frontend of a High Mileage 1997 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor