Below are some pictures of the steering linkage from a 1998 ford crown victoria police interceptor

-The inner tie rod , the outer tie rod , and adjusting sleeves are aftermarket napa chassis parts
-The pitman arm is the lubed for life one installed by ford in production vehicles
-The idler arm is an aftermarket napa "mastercraft" unit.

Here's the parts pulled off the center link

Here's a closeup picture of the later style 1995-2002 center drag link from the car.

Here's a "pickle fork" seperating the center link from the tie rod assembly.

Here's a picture of an alternate less destructive tool being used to seperate the tie rod from the drag link

Unfortunatetly, the puller can get a little off center on the mounting stud sometimes

Here's a couple pictures of the tie rods. These are sometimes called " tire rods " by mistake.

Here's the inner tierods, adjusting sleeves and outer tierods.

Here's the back of the steering knuckle with the steering linkage disconnected from it. The antilock brake sensor is very visible in this picture. The often difficult to remove lower ball joint nut can also be seen.