Below are some pictures of the bearing assembly that the steering column midshaft passes through on the firewall. This device acts as a bearing, and also contains a seal to keep water out too.

The parts diagram in microcat was somewhat confusing, and the local ford dealer ended up ordering two parts in order to get me the bearing that I was after.

On the left is the package for the 1W7Z-3F567-AA collar which i did not need.

On the right is the part that I was after, the 2W7Z-3C611-AA boot assembly.

For this project, you'll want an 11mm deep socket and also a ???mm??? socket for the pinch bolt on the u-joint that connects the steering column shaft to the midshaft.

First remove the pinch bolt for the steering shafts, then the two nuts which hold the collar & boot assemblies onto the firewall. You can then push the steering shafts towards the front of the car because the lower shaft will shorten/elongate as you push/pull on the shaft.

The pinch bolt and the two nuts for the bearing

The new bearing is on the left.

The old bearing is on the right. The water tight seal components of this bearing had fallen out of the bearing and no longer sealed out water.

Notice the needle bearings inside the unit

The black plastic part of the midshaft assembly acts as an inner race for the firewall bearing.