For today's project, the cruise control servo and actuator cable are going to be replaced in a 1997 crown victoria police interceptor because they do not operate properly.

Here's the engine bay of our project car. The cruise control servo is located on the drivers side fender liner near the firewall.

The first step is to disconnect the electrical connector from the cruise control servo

And then remove a couple nuts and the cruise control servo can be lifted off it's mounts

Here's the bracket which holds the cruise control servo to the fender liner. We don't need to remove this part to install a new cruise control servo since this car was factory equipped with speed control. If you are retrofitting cruise to a car that didn't come with that option from the factory, you will need to acquire this part from your salvaged donor car or your local ford dealership parts department.

Here's the end of the old cruise control actuator cable. That metal cable inside the plastic sheathing is not supposed to be exposed like this. But this car has many miles on it, and things do wear out.

Those of you that have a pet cat will likely recognize the plant in the background. Catnip is a perennial in the northeastern united states that is easy to grow. Just spread some nepeta cataria seads around outside in a partly shady area during the cold winter months, and the plant will sprout when the warmer weather comes. Those of you in warm no-frost enviroments like california will probably need to stick the seeds in your household freezer for a few weeks ahead of time though.

Here's  a closeup of the fender liner where the cruise control servo bracket would mount. The notation to "DRILL 8MM DIA. HOLE FOR SERVICE" is there because this fender liner is backwards compatible with 1992-1995 crownvic where the cruise control was mounted differently.

Here are the 3 nuts for the fender liner bracket. And also the bolt which holds the cruise control servo cable to the throttle body.

A swivel attachment for your ratchet will make this job easier.

Here is the 1997 cruise servo next to the 2000 cruise servo. Notice the different length of the foam piping insulation?

A closeup of the cruise servo actuator cable showing the adjustment mechanism

The old broken cruise control servo actuator cable. Having the metal cable exposed like this could allow it to bind on something. Or during the cold winter months, water could get inside and freeze.

A few pictures of the 2000 cruise servo and actuator cable

If you order a new cruise servo as a service assembly from your local ford dealer, the bolt holes in the bottom come untapped. And the threads are created when the self tapping fasteners are installed.