While repairing some passenger side front suspension components on a 1997 ford crown victoria police interceptor, I decided to take a look at the area that police departments often run wiring through to get from the engine bay to the interior passenger compartment of the car.

The passenger front wheelwell with the tire removed and the fender apron pulled back some

To allow some extra movement of the fender apron, the battery can be removed and the bolts that fasten the fender apron to the radiator core support pulled out.

This is the area below the air conditioning evaporator box on the passenger's side of the car. That black peice of metal down low is the torque box area of the front frame rail, above that a couple body mounts, and then the body of the car.

All of the wiring from the federal us marshalls service has been removed, but there is some chaffing present on one of the factory wiring harnesses in the area.

The us marshall's vehicle upfitter cut an extra hole in the floorpan to run some added wiring through. Somewhere along the line, the wiring was removed and duct tape applied from inside the car to prevent water from entering the passenger's compartment.

Access to the wiring harness is somewhat limited from under the car, so the wiring harness is going to be disconnected under the hood and pulled into the passenger's compartment of the car

The empty hole in the firewall that the wiring harness used to pass through

Here's the wiring harness pulled inside the car

Here's the damaged area of the wiring harness with the friction tape removed

In this case, the fender apron rubbed against the harness and chaffed the insulation for one of the airbag crash sensors and the hvac blower motor.

The federal us marshals service vehicle upfitters drilled an extra hole through this rubber grommet to pass some wiring through. Here a screwdriver is placed where the extra wiring used to be.

To repair the damaged section of wiring harness, an adhesive butt connector and a section of new stranded wire are going to be used

Now it's time to pass the harness back through the firewall

And reconnect the electrical connectors under the hood