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01M02 March 2001

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Ford Motor Company is providing a no-charge service, Program Number 01M02, to owners of certain 1996 through 2001 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor vehicles, certain 1998 through 2001 Model Year Crown Victoria Taxis and certain 1998 through 2001 Lincoln Town Car Limousine and Livery Package vehicles with 4.6L SOHC engines. This service program provides additional coverage for the intake manifold.

Reason For This Additional Coverage Program

A fatigue crack may develop in the composite intake manifold used on the 4.6L SOHC engines installed in your vehicle. This condition may result in engine coolant leakage, which, if not serviced, may cause engine overheating. Complete loss of coolant may result in engine damage or engine failure.

What Ford Motor Company and your dealer will do...

If the engine of your car should develop a coolant leak at the intake manifold crossover coolant passage, located directly behind the alternator, your dealer will verify the condition. If the coolant leakage is from the location described above, your dealer will replace the engine intake manifold assembly free of charge.

This no-charge coverage is available for 7 years from the vehicle's warranty start date (no mileage limitation) and is automatically transferred to subsequent owners.

How long will it take...

The time needed for this repair is less than one day. However, due to service scheduling requirements, your dealer may need your vehicle for a longer period of time.

What we are asking you to do...

PLEASE KEEP THIS LETTER. If your car's engine intake manifold should exhibit the condition described above within the 7 year coverage period, contact your dealer. Show the dealer this letter. The dealer will replace the intake manifold assembly after verification of this specific condition. If you lose this letter the dealer will still honor the provisions of this program.

If you've already paid for this service...

If you paid to have the engine intake manifold replaced due to a leak at the cross over coolant passage before the date of this letter, Ford Motor Company is offering a full refund. For the refund, please give your paid original receipt to your dealer. To avoid delays, do not send receipts to Ford Motor Company.

If you 've changed address or sold the vehicle...

Please fill out the enclosed prepaid postcard and mail it to us if you have changed address or sold the vehicle.

If you have questions

If you have questions, please contact us through the Internet at Our current response time to Internet inquiries is three business days.

You may also the Ford Motor Company North American Customer Relationship Center and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you:

CALL: (866) 436-7332
(800) 232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)

Office Hours: 8am - 11pm Monday through Friday and
9am - 6pm Saturday (Eastern Time)

Quality Care service is there for you all year round.

Quality Care is the commitment of Ford Motor Company and its dealerships to provide you with a superior service and ownership experience. We stand committed with our Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers to assist you with all of your automotive service needs. With our nationwide dealer network, we're here to ensure you receive Quality Care service so that your vehicle maintains peak performance throughout your ownership experience.

We are taking this action as part of our ongoing effort to maintain owner confidence in our products. We hope this program will confirm your continued satisfaction in your Ford built vehicle.


Published By: Recall/Service Programs Department
Ford Customer Service Division