To the causal observer, this crown victoria may look like a regular 98+ crownvic with aftermarket rims on it.

But if you look closely, you'll see 1992-1997 roof slope and rear quarter windows on it.

And the the car also has a 96' grand marquis leather interior in it.

Someone sure went through a lot of work to peice this car together. Bolting a 1998-2002 crownvic front clip onto a 1992-1997 crown victoria is relatively straight forward. But installing the 98+ crown victoria trunklid and taillights requires welding on two new rear quarter panels. Interestingly, if they had started with a 92-97 grand marquis instead of a 92-97 crown vic, the end result would have been a car with the factory correct 98+ appearance. Because 92-97 marquis have the same rear door dimensions and same rear roof slope as 98-2004 crownvics & 98-2004 grand marquis do.

This car has extensive bodywork done to it and has obviously been repainted in the process. The paint on the bumper should not have scraped off that easily and instead should have just crazed a little bit. But this car is from mexico where bodyshop labor is relatively cheap and parts cost is the big stumbling point for many car repairs.