From the front, this crown vic looks like a 1999 model with the gloss black grill.

But when viewed from the side, you can see the roof slopes like on the 1992-1997 crown victorias.

And a view of the rear shows the 1992-1994 style taillights and trunklid.

Interestingly, bolting a 98+ front clip onto earlier 92-97 crown vics is relatively straight forward. And though you'll have to swap the hood, header panel, bumper assembly and lightbulb housings to make the swap work, you can reuse your original 92-97 fenders with the other 98+ components. The overall dimensions of the crownvic fenders have remained relatively unchanged between the years, with the exception of mounting holes for emblems and the hole for the radio antenna that was eliminated in 95+ crown vics. Take note that 1992-2002 grand marquis fenders are different than their crownvic counterparts though because of the different cornering light cutout shape. But starting in 2003, grand marquis got a front end redesign with fenders that are identical to their crown victoria counterparts.